About Us

What We Do

Hii-Finance Corp (HFC) is a Woman-Owned-Business founded in 1989 by Samia Farouki.  It focuses on investing in and developing successful businesses, across a variety of phases from seed to mature stages. HFC’s supports start-ups, large enterprises, minority-owned, women-owned, and other special interest businesses as well as companies interested in expanding into international markets. HFC currently has a presence in nearly 40 countries.  By remaining an active investor throughout the entire process, HFC has led businesses through rapid growth in sales and profitability and generated superior investment returns.

Through affiliates and investee companies, HII-Finance, Corp. has participated in numerous large scale development projects.  From overseas housing in a multitude of German cities, to massive warehouse facilities in developing countries, to hospitals and industrial complexes, the Company has had exposure to virtually all types of development undertakings. The Company’s thirty years of experience in this field crosses a multitude of genres of development work in a range of countries from the Middle East to Asia to Europe, all being coordinated with the unique financing and transaction structuring required of such undertakings. HFC’s adheres to strict ethical standards and has always made transparency a cornerstone of investment practice.


Hii-Finance Corp (HFC), seeks to provide entrepreneurs with the capital, expertise, and resources required to build successful businesses in the highly competitive global marketplace.  We work directly with emerging growth companies and through partnerships with other leading venture capital and private equity firms. HFC, invests primarily in U.S. companies as well as their overseas affiliates, often funding international expansion into Europe and the Middle East. 


Hii-Finance Corp (HFC) prioritizes the needs of its partners, as well as all stakeholders of its portfolio companies. HFC prides itself on its ability to exceed the expectations across its business relationships.

HFC upholds the highest ethical standards and pursues community-conscious investment and operations. HFC’s founder, team-members and staff foster activities that benefit local and global communities, through active and engaged partnership.